One Day When We Were Young

One Day When We Were Young is a 2021 China film starring Yang Chenning directed by Bei Xu and produced by with duration 110 min. After the outbreak of the war with Japan, all Beijing universities were closed or bombed. A group of young students, aged 18 or 19, set off in a hurry, moving south on foot, crossing Xiangqian and Yunnan, and eventually forming a temporary university on the Kunming plateau - the Southwest Union University, a joint venture between Tsinghua, Peking University and Nankai. They crossed a city to listen to the "best Chinese language class ever", to listen to Toselli's "Serenade", and to join the Flying Tigers. For these "post-90s" seniors, who are now in their nineties, SWU is not a dusty piece of history, but a memory of youth that is still as fresh as ever. Yang Zhenning, Xu Yuanchong, Pan Jiluan, Yang Coix, Wang Xiji and Ma Zhitu - 16 students of the University with an average age of over 96 years old are cast together to take you back to a time when war was raging and stars were shining.


Actor: Yang Chenning, Xu Yuanchong

Director: Bei Xu

Country: China

Duration: 110 min.

Quality: HD

Release: 2021


IMDb: 0

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